Origin Story

We were born in the land of the black swan, way back in 1990, many many moons before the software business was what everybody wanted to be a part of. Whilst we’ve had three different parents or owners to speak of, we’ve always remained based out of Perth, Western Australia.

With many different product offshoots that cater to a varied and diverse spectrum of industry groups, our two key product lines are – PhoneControl™ and WebLink. The current parent entity CLASEsoft Pty Ltd, has committed itself to the development of bespoke software within our core product expertise, and we continue the research and development path outlined in the parent’s core vision for the company.

Our productivity information management systems software, also commonly referred to in industry parlance as  – TIMS software, are sold in over 50 countries and have an installed base in excess of 23,000 unique corporate installations, reporting on millions of extensions, trunks, PSTN’s, ISDN’s, VoIP and virtual systems. Our software works with almost every kind of major and minor telephony infrastructure available anywhere in the world.

Our products also integrate with some of the most popular Hotel Property Management Systems and produce customised solutions for industry leaders, dealers and vendors alike, to provide clients with a complete hotel solution package.

CLASEsoft products and services are used across a cross section of industry sectors, covering some of the most well-known companies around the world. Although our development and support team are based out of Perth, WA, we cater to support queries in all time zones and it is a testament to our technical prowess, that our products and services remain a gold standard in our industry.